Rigged NBA Lottery or Psychic Mutombo?

Should Dikembe Mutombo set up an 800 number, or is the NBA exposed?

On Tuesday, May 17th, Lakers fans all around the globe (including myself) stood with our eyes glued to the television screen as we waited for the 2016 NBA Lottery to begin. It’s no secret that #LakersNation has had a pretty rough road these last few seasons, and with our beloved Kobe Bryant freshly retired, we’re well overdue for a savior. Our odds of landing the No. 1 draft pick were looking like the miracle we’ve been waiting for.


Dikembe Mutombo - NBA - Sixers Tweet

Dikembe Mutombo – NBA – Sixers Tweet


However, when it was all said and done, we ended up with the No. 2 pick while the Philadelphia 76ers snagged No. 1. Not bad at all, considering our seemingly never-ending misfortune as of late. So, why have NBA fans gone into a social media frenzy over these results? If you follow retired superstar and NBA global ambassador, Dikembe Mutombo, you’ll understand the answer to this question.


Earlier that day, Mutombo posted the tweet that had us all wondering if he’s Miss Cleo’s successor, or if conspiracy theories about the NBA being rigged are really true. Clearly, it took no time for him to realize the impact of his tweet because he immediately deleted it and posted a follow-up stating, “Sorry, guys. Got excited about the  odds and got ahead of myself. Still keeping my fingers crossed for tonight.”


The Sixers organization also quickly reacted to clear up conspiracy rumors, assuring fans that Mutombo had no inside knowledge whatsoever, and that the lottery is not predetermined. According to further reports, Mutombo explained that he had received an email from the team with various prewritten congratulatory tweets that he could choose from and post if the Sixers were to get the No. 1 pick. He decided to copy and paste one of the tweets into his twitter composition box and accidentally hit the tweet button. (LA Times)

I must admit that the cover story is pretty convincing. Personally, I receive emails with similar sample tweets when someone I work with would like promotion for an upcoming project, so I get it. I’ve also been guilty a time or two of typing out a tweet with intentions to save it as a draft for later, but accidentally tweeting it instead. With that being said, I’m leaning more towards believing Mutombo’s “accidental tweet” story, and I’ll graciously accept that it simply wasn’t in the cards for us Lakers fans to get that No. 1 pick this year. However, I do understand how tough it may be to accept this. Heck, I’m still trying to get over David Stern vetoing our CP3 trade back in 2011, but I’ll save that for a different blog rant. 😉

I don’t think we should expect Dikembe Mutombo to set up an 800 number quite yet. Nonetheless, social media reactions to the sequence of events were hilarious. Here’s my personal favorite:


So, what do you think? Is Dikembe Mutombo next in line for his own medium docu-series on TLC, or was it all just an honest mistake that’s been blow out of proportion? Let me know!



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Rigged NBA Lottery or Psychic Mutombo?

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